Why choose pfm Studios?

Each creation by pfm Studios share unique and desirable traits.

Responsive Design

Exceeding client expectations, our fresh perspective generates constructive and innovative solutions.

Quality Code Structure

'Modularity, Scalability and Reliability' is the development team mantra.

International Clientele

Our projects come ready for worldwide use. Intuitive built-in localization provides for optimal UX.

the tree of codification!

Transparent and Honest

We believe in providing a high level of transparency and communication to our clients.

Development and Cloud Tools

SaaS applications created and hosted with geo redundant infrastructures.

The Latest in dB Structures

Secure document based data structures allowing for scale and realtime availability.

the brain of geariness

What ingredients go into a pfm Studios project?

Each software application utilizing mobile, web and desktop functionality including:

  •    the latest software development tools and platforms.
  •    IaaS and SaaS technology providing geo redundant data reliability.
  •    code structure with modularity and scale ready for your business growth.
  •    secure document based dB allowing for scale and max availability.

Creation Board

The following creations have been deployed into action.


What is the pfm Studios team about and how did we get here?