Okulus by pfm Studios Inc.

...how do you look at camera control?

multi camera control becomes clearer starting - January 1, 2016
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ahhhh - thats better!...contact us for order information.

...the multicamera RCP controller you can use today!

built to provide remote control through a single UI for different camera makes and models.

Easily Configured

through your LAN/WAN over wifi or wired network

Smart Graphical User Interface

intuitive and responsive layout, touch screen ready for your control room desk or on set tablet

Camera Agnostic

mix and match cameras into your set or group for control through a single UI

Ganged/Grouped Camera Sets

gang or group camera sets to simultaneous fire commands like auto white balance

4KSDI by iO Industries

How will Okulus benefit your workflow?

Okulus affords easy and time saving control through features like:

  •    control set protocol commands for Camera, Lens and PTZ ready
  •    ganged/group control allowing single button adjustment such as AWB
  •    touch screen and tablet ready for on set or in field use
  •    configurable through in house LAN/WAN (wifi or hardwire)
  •    protocols for any standard or non standard h/w configuration
  •    ideal for broadcast, VR, cinematography, sports and military use
  •    customizable to YOUR needs