...how else would you hold big data together?

twine is the agricultural data software product ready to serve your needs.

Easily customized

dynamic custom data field creation as your needs/crops dictate

Smart Graphical User Interface

intuitive and responsive layout, navigation and data ingest via Excel spreadsheets or manual entry

External clients can input data

allow your clients to enter their information via secure web portal

The tree of codification


custom reports based on YOUR appointed metrics

Secure Big Data Storage

your big data is secure within a redundant system for your peace of mind


help eliminate paper waste and paper filing!

a big-ol-balla twine

What's in our ball of twine?

The agricultural twine software platform features:

  •    significant reduction of data process time and errors
  •    increased productivity and profitability
  •    supports full administration of contact lists
  •    create email distribution groups and directly send email to those groups
  •    envelope/label printing from your contact list
  •    instant report generation for directors and staff
  •    secure, safe data that is scalable and customizable to YOUR needs


have a look at twine... holding it all together.